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We are a trail running community for all women in Asia. We inspire, educate, empower, share knowledge, experiences and celebrate each other's running achievements. 


Trail running is a beautiful sport that is not only good for your body but also for your mind. Running is free and the outdoors is a space for everyone. We want to inspire more women to join the trail running community and to become confident runners. We don't want anyone to be intimidated by the sport or by the community.


Asia Trail Girls is a platform where we inspire each other, give each other advice and share knowledge and experience. We want to grow our numbers, celebrate what our bodies and minds can achieve and share how rewarding trail running can be. At the same time we want to work towards an equal representation and engagement of women in the trail running world.

Through a variety of channels we want to boost the confidence of female runners in Asia. You can read our articles, listen to our podcast, participate in our virtual challenges, join our social runs and educational workshops and take part in our running retreats (coming soon!)

Together we can inspire more women to discover the beauty of trail running and build the path for an equal representation and appreciation in the world of trail running.



Veronika Vadovicova

Asia Trail Girls Founder

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