Carole Fuchs

Hi Girls,

This is Carole. I am a professional trail-runner and running coach settled in Japan. 


From representing Thailand as a professional triathlete to running as an elite trail-runner, I am pushing my limits running all types of distances for nearly 20 years.


I started to build up my endurance base as a mountaineer in the French Alps before moving to Thailand where I started to train and run 10k races and half-marathons competing against the leading national athletes. Constantly building up my knowledge and experience training with the best running coaches, I adopted marathon as my favorite distance. The next step was suggested by my coach: triathlon. Training for triathlon picked my interest as I understood endurance training even more: the same base applies broadly to all the sports I have joined. 


When I am not out running I find myself seeking challenging mountain goals at high altitude. In 2018 I summited Mt. Everest and since then built the project to climb the 5 highest mountains going for a female world record attempt. 


The more I participated in these endurance sports, the more curious I became about training methodology, and physiology behind training. Now I have been doing this for so many years, believe me, we females have nothing to envy about guys' ability and grit! We are here to prove it. 


My career as a female professional athlete and coach is what led me to develop my next athlete projects around the theme: women in sports, which is blooming more than ever. I am coaching female athletes working on the specific needs we have to develop in order to find the delicate balance between body and mind and find joy and acceptance in the running process.

Us girls, no matter if we are simply enjoying movement, being hobby runners, outdoor enthusiasts, competitive minds or elite runners, should establish ourselves in sports and get all the self-confidence and power we can get from endurance sports and apply this to all dimensions of life. My ultimate dream is to find as many girls as there are guys who will be out there running, training and competing.