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Cindy Poon


Hi! My name is Cindy and I am from Singapore. A friend introduced me to trail running in 2015 and I have been running since then. I remember my very first trail race was Kemensah trail race in Malaysia where I didn’t make it through the finish line because my body suffered from ‘trail shock’, heat exhaustion and pain. With a lot more experience gained from races over the years, I keep wanting to venture out to race in surrounding countries or even further. I have my eye on the Ultra Fiord race in Chile!


I always feel therapeutic when running on trails, trail running helps to improve my mental well-being and physical fitness – it makes me a stronger me! The best part about trail running is that you are connecting with nature. I get to see stunning scenery, experience unpredictable weather and discover very remote and even restricted areas in some races. Be it on the same or on different trails, it’s always like a mini adventure to me.

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