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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast - Episode #10
With Nikki Han

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Nikki Han after her amazing feat of completing the HK4TUC which is a 298km trail race in Hong Kong covering all 4 of the famous peaks. To be a finisher of this event you have to finish it in under 60 hours! Nikki is the first and ONLY ever female to have finished this race and she has done it twice!

We delved into everything that happened, her strategies, logistics, struggles and what advice she would give to other females wanting to do it. She is no stranger to Ultra events, with other 30 Ultras under her belt, many crazy personal challenges like Everesting on her 50th birthday and self supported and self navigated 100 milers. The longer and harder the race the better for Nikki! 100 milers now seem to be her warm up!

We talk all about why she runs and the fact she didn't start running until she was 40 years old. 

Nikki is a true inspiration to the world of trail running for females, her strong mindset and will is completely awe-inspiring! Nikki started off as an 'ordinary runner' she still isn't sponsored, doesn't do intense mileage of training programs and has some incredible achievements which shows us all that any one is able to do anything if they put their mind to it. I can promise you with this episode you will go away impacted and inspired!

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