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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast - Episode #12
with Emma Warner and Carole Fuchs

50 percent of the population go through the menstrual cycle, but yet there are so many misconceptions, embarrassments and taboos around this subject... WHY? It has been inherently ingrained in many of us since a young age that periods slow us down and generally immobilise us with the awful mood swings and pain, from this we have accepted as a society that it is normal to suffer. WRONG, periods actually optimise performance and you don't have to suffer, there are many adjustments you can make to allow your period to empower you instead of inhibiting you. 

In this fascinating podcast with women health expert and medical doctor Emma Warner and professional endurance athlete and coach Carole Fuchs we delve into the topic of periods, how to optimise your training, dependent on your cycle and how to support it with the right nutrition. We go into detail about each different stage in your cycle and unpack the taboos, and misconceptions. We also discuss RED-S, the very undiscussed but paramount condition in many female athletes that needs to be looked out for. 

Do you know that basically all studies around hormones, menstrual cycles and oral contraceptions are done by and on men? So many 'health experts' claim women are an anomaly and too complicated to study in regards to training. Hence why many of the suggestions are related to men only, creating the notion that ‘women are small men....’ (in the words of the wonderful Dr Stacy Simms) we certainly are not and can't train or nurture ourselves the same way! We need to come together and talk about this subject more, making this knowledge more accessible to all, allowing us to break away from all the incorrect ideologies, shame and enabling us to feel empowered by our periods! 

This episode is one not to miss!

This podcast is for everyone, even you males as I know you have some form or female in your life, whether it's a partner, sister or daughter, this will give you a better understanding of it all!

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