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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast - Episode #3
With Jasmine Goh

In Episode Three of The Asia Trail Girls Podcast we sit down with Jasmine Goh - one of the three finalists of the Big's Backyard Ultra in Singapore. Jasmine was the female runner to last the longest — running for 29 hours and 194.3km, coming in third overall. She tells us all about her training, mental and physical preparation, her highs and lows and reasons why she believes she will crush this challenge next year.

In Episode Three we discuss...

- Jasmine's pacing strategy, nutrition plan and recovery routine at The Big's Backyard Ultra

- The importance of her crew and how they helped her feel like an F1 driver

- Jasmine's foot injury and why she didn't take a pain killer to last longer

- Plans and expectations for next year's Backyard Ultra edition

- How Jasmine transformed from a mom running to lose weight to an athlete representing Singapore in marathon at the SEA Games 

- Jasmine's love for ultras and why she thinks women have an advantage over men in this field

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