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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast - Episode #5
With Lucy Bartholomew

In Episode Five of The Asia Trail Girls Podcast we sit down with the Australian Lucy Bartholomew, one of the best female trail runners globally, who gives us a glimpse into the life of a professional trail runner while talking to us about all things real and ultra. 

In Episode Five we discuss...

- What Lucy has been up to in 2020 with all races being cancelled

- How she got into trail running and how it all happened thanks to her dad

- Lucy's passion for cooking and hew newly released cook book

- Pressure of social media and how she has dealt with that over the years

- Lucy's experience of running and racing in Asia

- The importance of women supporting women on and off trails

- Lucy's training and nutrition plan

- How after eight years she struggles to find that 'runner's high' 

- Lucy's plan to train for and complete a full ironman in the near future

To get hold of Lucy's Sustain Cookbook click on the link below:

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