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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast - Episode #6
With Charlotte Taquet

In Episode Six of The Asia Trail Girls Podcast we sit down with Charlotte Taquet, a French trail runner based in Hong Kong who fell in love with trails shortly after she moved to Asia. Charlotte proves that you can do much more than you think if you work hard and surround yourself with a supportive community of people.

In Episode Six we discuss...

- How Charlotte adjusted her 2020 training schedule to work on her weaknesses and explore new things

- How she started as a casual hiker and transformed into one of the best runners in Hong Kong

- The importance of having a motivating community around you

- What makes Hong Kong running community so special

- How she gave up smoking after walking her first 100km race

- Charlotte's plant based diet (check out her delicious Instagram breakfast bowls!)

- Why she only really starts racing after 50km and her love for long distances 

- Cha's favorite races in Asia and globally

- Strategy for difficult and dark moments during an ultra race

- Tips for beginners and why having fun is the number one rule on trails

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