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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast - Episode #7
With Lauren Tininenko

In our final episode of 2020 we sit down with Shanghai based American Lauren Tininenko - an endurance athlete well known for her incredible open water swimming. Lauren is also famous as someone who is always up for any endurance challenge. In 2020 she truly proved to everyone that there is no limit to what you can do as long as you are having fun and your friends around.

In Episode Seven we discuss...

- The transformation from a competitive 50m swimmer to an open water endurance swimmer

- How Lauren became the first foreigner to swim 25km from Mainland China to Hainan Island

- The incredible achievement of crossing the English Channel in 2019 and how she trained for it

- How Lauren built the first ever swimming community in Shanghai that keeps breaking barriers about open water swimming in China

- The importance of having a supportive community to achieve incredible things (Check out Fitfam community if you are based in Shanghai)

- The hilarious 'fastest backwards mile by a linked team' Guinness World Record Lauren and her friends achieved in 2020

- How Lauren organized two full Ironman races for friends in China when official races were cancelled

- The Insanity Running Challenge (=running +10km each month) that she finished with a 120km run in December

As we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to the New Year, we also briefly chat with the Asia Trail Girl’s founder; Veronika, to summarise our 2020 and talk about our exciting plans and ideas for 2021.

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