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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast - Episode #9
With Female Winners of Wonders of Asia Virtual Challenge

After a short break from the podcast we are back in full swing ready to share with you all what went down at our very exciting virtual event: Wonders of Asia. We will be chatting to the top 3 females from each of our categories finding out all about how they tackled this challenge!


Wonders of Asia was born as a way to connect people out on the trails, virtually, due to the pandemic. We wanted to encourage everyone to get outside, explore and get some competition back in their lives, which is exactly what happened. It was also a way to raise awareness and money for Free to Run, an NGO founded by the renowned Ultrarunner, Stephanie Case. It is a charity that empowers women through sport in conflict regions across Asia. We wanted to support their amazing projects by donating the registration fees from this event.


The event consisted of 2 categories: Himalaya (9 day) and Alpine (5 day) challenges. Each day teams of 2 had to tackle a different famous Asian peak or trail.


In this episode we talked with Veronika (also our race director), Elam and Jasmine our Top 3 Himalaya ladies and Emilie, Laurie and Eszter our Top 3 Alpine leaders. We discussed how it went, their struggles, what they enjoyed and looked at their strategies. We also delve into their teams, running backgrounds and future plans.

This episode isn't just about our virtual challenge but it tells the stories of 6 fantastic inspirational runners from Asia,  who each individually have their own unique story!

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