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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast - Episode #2
With Veronique Bourbeau

In Episode Two of The Asia Trail Girls Podcast we sit down with endurance runner and adventurer Veronique Bourbeau. She talks about her journey to extreme endurance running and introduces her 2021 project of running 13,000 km across Africa. Veronique is attempting to set a new record for Guinness Book of World Records while raising funds to provide clean drinkable water for resource-poor community in Tanzania.

In Episode Two we discuss...

- Veronique's health scare leading to major life transformation
- How Veronique ran across Japan with her 18 year old daughter cycling with supplies

- The overall victory of the 444km long Malaysian Coast to Coast Ultra Marathon

- Latest plan to run from Egypt to South Africa covering 13,000km

- How Veronique attempts to set a new record for Guinness Book of World Records

- Veronique's past experience of working in Africa and her real reason behind running across this continent

- Veronique's ethos about building human connections through running

To support Veronique's project and help her raise funds please visit:

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