Join us for our newest virtual challenge! Between May 14th and June 12th we will be Everesting across Asia to raise money for Exchange & Empower - a charity run by Mira Rai that supports high-potential female athletes from Nepal from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to focus on athletic training, education and professional development.

ATG Everesting Challenge is an individual OR a team climbing challenge based on the concept of Everesting. Pick any hill, anywhere in the world and complete repeats of it in a single activity. Don’t worry, in our challenge you don’t need to climb a full Everest by yourself (but you can!). You choose your own format and goal to take part in the challenge!


1) Choose your day: 

  • Run between Friday, May 14th and Saturday, June 12th. 

2) Choose your challenge format:

  • Individual

  • Team of two

  • Team of three

3) Choose your challenge goal:

  • Mini Everest (884m+)

  • Half Everest (4424m+)

  • Full Everest (8848m+)


There is no registration fee for our event. We only ask each participant to donate to Exchange & Empower through our Everesting Fundraiser. We are aiming to reach 8848USD (the height of Mount Everest) to support Nepalese women on their road to leading empowered lives, to provide them with the opportunity to choose their own future. In order to achieve our goal we encourage you to spread the word to your friends and families and motivate them join the challenge or alternatively to support your challenge goal by donating to Exchange and Empower.

Let's not forget that Asia Trail Girls is about building and growing the trail running community across Asia. We have several Asia Trail Girls Ambassadors, including Mira Rai herself, who are going to take part in the challenge. Their location, date and start time will be announced to the public before the challenge begins. You have a great opportunity to join your country's ambassador and do the challenge with her in the same place and at the same time. Let's bring the running community of Asia together!

As per usual, we want to embrace the spirit of a healthy competition. On June 13th we will announce the overall results as well as winners of each individual and team category. 


  1. Go to the Everesting Fundraiser Website and donate to Exchange and Empower.

2. Fill out our registration form to officially sign up and to choose your challenge goal and format.




Our ATG ambassadors are super happy for you to join them on the day of their challenge. They will all be running in their respective countries and push their own limits! Watch our social media space where we will announce their challenge goal as well as their challenge location, date and time so that you can join them and run together!

Hong Kong


Charlotte Taquet



Azleen AJ



Nho Hoai

Hong Kong


Elam Cheng



Mira Rai



Henny Gorton


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Jasmine Goh



Carole Fuchs



Sakuna Usanawasin


  1. It does not matter how long your run takes, but it must be completed in one attempt. Breaks for meals, rest etc. are fine. You can break for as long or as little as you like. Bear in mind break times add up quickly, and can add significantly to your elapsed time.

  2. Your chosen run segment can be of any length, on any hill, mountain, stairset, rockwall, or bridge. Essentially anything that has a vertical gain can be used to complete the challenge.

  3. Your run must only focus on one hill or mountain (e.g. you can’t base yourself in one location and run multiple hills). You cannot run different routes on the same mountain. You need to run the same route up and down for every repeat.

  4. If your descent includes a bit of climbing this still counts toward your total.

  5. If you choose to compete as a team you must reach your goal together on the same day as a team. You don't need to split the elevation equally - each team member can do as much or as little as they want as long as you reach your goal as a team. 

  6. If you choose to compete as a team you don't need to run together physically - it's okay to do the challenge from different locations, especially if your teammate(s) live in a different area.

  7. Your run must be recorded with a dedicated GPS device which has the ability to connect to Strava. You will need to verify the height gained by the number of repeats of the segment climbed.

  8.  You must record your activity on Strava and email us your result after you finish.​

  9. *For those doing the full Everesting please read the rules of Everesting thoroughly in order to add your name in the Hall of Fame, alongside the best climbers in the world.



  1. Once you/your team completes the challenge email us at with your results (One email per team only with everyone's individual Strava links.) 

  2. Results will be published on the website and announced via social media on June 13th!


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