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Nho Hoai


My name is Hoai and I have been living in Ho Chi Minh city since 2010. I started running 2 years ago and I quickly realized that I am in love with all of the outdoor activities, but especially trail running. Trail running is my fountain of youth. When I'm on the trail I feel like a child again, completely relaxed and at peace. No matter how tired or stressed I am going into the run, I'm always refreshed at the end of it. Meeting awesome new friends on trails is another extra benefit of trail running. Being an ambassador of the Asia Trail Girls community is still new to me. It encourages me to inspire to myself, people around me and especially all women of this world. I am happy to show them how many good things trail running can bring into our life. That's why I keep training and enjoying it everyday. I am ready to be in any future challenges by ATG as I want to keep pushing my own limits and at the same time inspire women around me to do their best and show them that we can!

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