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Imogen Short


I’ve always been super passionate about everything fitness related, especially running and football (soccer). Originally from the UK, I spent four years in Sydney before I moved to Hong Kong five years ago. It was a real eye opener to move to the city and find so much green space to explore – I absolutely love it, and love the trail running community here.


My favourite race trail distance is between 10 - 20km but I’ve been testing my legs at longer distances like Moontrekker (40km) and Surf Coast Century in Australia (50km), as well as a multi-day race in Mongolia last year (60km). I have a bucket list of races I’d like to complete all over the world, including Marathon des Sables in Morocco.


My identical twin sister (Jessica Short, who’s based in Melbourne) and I created our site A pair of running Shorts to share our various running adventures (and disasters!), in the hopes that we can inspire others to join this amazing running community. And we’re looking forward to doing the same through Asia Trail Girls.

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