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Jessica Short


I am a passionate runner, adventurer, and health-fanatic. Originally from the UK, I moved to Australia almost 10 years ago where I discovered a true love of trail running and competing. I’m also a keen Spartan competitor and OCR racer, and qualified for the World Championships last year (...then dropped a 10kg weight on my foot and broke it six weeks before the competition!)


I’ve been lucky enough to take part in some amazing races, such as the Lara Pinta 4 day stage race (1st female, 4th overall), Wonderland, UTA, and last year I competed in an all-female team of six in The Speed Project 5.0: 550km from LA to Vegas, through the Death Valley, beating the previous female record.


My goal is to share my passion for sport with others - through both coaching and programming. Together with my identical twin sister, Imogen Short (who’s based in Hong Kong), we created A pair of running Shorts’ to share training tips, advice and inspiration. We’re both very much looking forward to doing something similar through ATG.

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