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Jill O'Mahony


I'm a mom of one little badass 7 year old daughter and work full time in education. I grew up playing team sports in the US, but came late to running. I started running casually after having my daughter in Belgium in 2013 and when we moved to Hong Kong in 2014 I discovered this thing called trail running. I now slightly regret the years I lived in Switzerland when I had no idea about trail running at all! Here in Hong Kong I was lucky enough to be taken out around the trails on Lantau by some awesome people in the running community and I immediately loved the challenge.  My first trail race was the Moontrekker 30km in 2016 and it is still my favourite event. We are so lucky with the trail access in Hong Kong...concrete jungle to proper jungle in just a few minutes. I run for my me- time, my mental health and to test my ever changing limits.  Even if there was never another race, I'd keep lacing up to enjoy being part of the greater trail running community. 

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