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Judete Fourie


"Howzit!" A typical greeting you might receive from any South Africans you should meet on the trails-- which was where I was born and raised, in the Northern city of Johannesburg. I grew up partaking in all sorts of running and sports from a young age, from crosscountry to netball and athletics. Only once I made the move to Vietnam in 2018 to teach English did I really discover the blossoming world of trail running (well, competitively at least ). As a general rule, I enjoy spending time outside in the sun-- whether it be on the beautiful home beaches of Cape Town or hiking through some undiscovered jungle terrain! Though Vietnam is the first (South East) Asian country which qualifies me for this awesome platform, I can honestly say that her majestic and serene, natural beauty has completely stolen my heart...I will forever be grateful to the slopes and muddy trails I've been led on while there. 

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