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Kait Sheridan


I am Kait and I am a US native who has been living in Hong Kong for 2 years. I first started trail running in New York where I braved the rocks, roots, and (often) snow of the "Beast Coast" trails. After two years in the flattest part of the UK, I moved to Hong Kong where I found a love for the stairs, especially downhill. I have competed in ultras in Asia, Europe, and the US. I am celiac, so I run completely gluten- and soy-free (which makes Asian aid stations extra challenging), and have come back from multiple injuries, including broken legs, torn ACLs/MCLs/meniscus, lime-burnt hands (true story), and more. As a former competitive swimmer and water polo player, I am still transitioning from water to land and learning all about trail running. I am always up for a run and to meet new people, no matter the time, distance, or speed!

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