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The Asia Trail Girls Podcast is a platform where we talk about all things trail running, bringing you interviews and stories from female runners around Asia to motivate and inspire you. 

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Episode 18 - Cover Photo (4).png

Henny and Veronika chat about finding balance between life and running while navigating through a turbulent and unprecedented time.

Episode 15 - YoutubeFacebook .jpg

We catch up with the top 3 soloist winners of our Everesting Challenge talking about their experiences, how it went, the logistics, their training and what got them through those dark hours.

Episode 12 - Youtube_Facebook.png

Medical doctor Emma Warner and professional runner Carole Fuchs delve into the topic of periods, how to optimize your training, dependent on your cycle and how to support it with the right nutrition. 

Podcast Episode 9 - Youtube_Facebook .pn

In episode nine we share with you all what went down at our very exciting virtual event Wonders of Asia, talking to the top 3 females from each of our categories. 

Podcast Episode 6 - Youtube_Facebook .jp

Hong Kong based trail runner Charlotte Taquet talks to us about how trail running made her life turn around 180 degrees and how anything is possible if you train hard.


Podcast Episode 3 - Youtube  (1).jpg

Last woman standing at the Big's Backyard Ultra in Singapore Jasmine Goh tells us all about her experience at one of the most gruelling ultras around.

Copy of Copy of Episode 12 - YoutubeFacebook.png

We catch up with Hong Kong based runner Eszter Csillag and her coach Ida Nilsson after Eszter's amazing fourth place victory at CCC.

Copy of Episode 13 - YoutubeFacebook .pn

We chat to the ever so beautiful and endearing Mira Rai and multi talented Keilem Ng about their non profit organization Exchange and Empower.

Copy of Episode 10 - Youtube_Facebook .p

Passionate trail runner and doctor Syazana Alia from Malaysia shares with us all about her battle with cancer and how running has got her through this incredibly traumatic time.

Podcast Episode 8 - Youtube_Facebook .jp

Executive director of the non-profit Free to Run Taylor Smith talks to us about their mission to empower women through sports in conflict regions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Podcast Episode 5 - Youtube_Facebook .jp

Professional trail runner Lucy Bartholomew talks to us about all things real and ultra - from running her first100k at the age of 16 to publishing her own cookbook and training for Ironman.

Podcast Episode 2 - Youtube_Facebook .jp

Endurance runner and adventurer Veronique Bourbeau talks to us about her journey to extreme endurance running and introduces her 2021 project of running 13,000 km across Africa.

Episode 16 - Cover .png

We celebrate UTMB 2021 with Samantha Chan, a Hong Kong Ultra Runner, who is no stranger to UTMB and has done many of the world's toughest ultras.


We catch up with the almighty professional runner Ruth Croft talking about all things living, racing and training in Asia and how it compares to the West.

Episode 10 - Youtube_Facebook .jpg

Hong Kong Trail Legend Nikki Han talks about her amazing feat of completing the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge for the second time - being the first and ONLY ever female to have finished this race.

Podcast Episode 7 - Youtube_Facebook .jp

Shanghai based American Lauren Tininenko who is an incredible open water swimmer and endurance sports enthusiast tells us about her craziest and most hilarious endurance challenges this year.

Podcast Episode 4 - Youtube_Facebook .jp

Elite ultramarathoner Amy Sproston talks about her recent FKT (Fastest Known Time) running across the 662k long Jordan Trail beating the previous record by over 24(!) hours

Podcast  Episode 1 -

Introducing our newest media platform. We talk about all things trail running bringing you interviews and inspirational stories from female runners around Asia to motivate and inspire you.

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