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A journal of a pregnant runner: running with a growing life

By Eszter Csillag

This is the first part of a series of articles focusing on issues related to female runners who are mothers, or pregnant but still keep moving along the trails...

Special thanks to Jenna, who will be translating all Eszter's articles into Chinese.

This time I have to start with a confession. I am currently in the fifth month of my second pregnancy with a due date at the end of April. Indeed, the current circumstances made clear the direction of our upcoming writings: we will write on my running journey during these upcoming months.

Beside this, we will also write about some amazing women who with their running achievements challenged the scientific view on the limitation of a pregnant woman. There have been some who run marathons at their late stage of pregnancy, others who run 100 mile trail running races shortly after giving birth. I will be honest and open about the difficulties I am going to face, but most of all I want to shed light on the incredible possibilities of a women’s body.

Throughout this journey one has to keep in mind, that I didn’t start running when I found out I was pregnant. I have been running for years and my body is trained enough to keep going in the current condition! Certainly, I had to adapt my training routine to my current condition, I had to shift my mind, change my priorities and therefore today, I choose safety over speed. I also need to make sure I don’t fall (I just fell for the very first time while pregnant just after writing down this sentence)! I need to make sure I don’t get dehydrated. I also need to accept that in the coming months just keeping going will be the challenge itself.

But still, I can remain a happy person as usually I am thanks to running.

Finally, keeping all these necessities and limitations in mind, I can continue what I really love: running. I can keep fit instead of losing control over my body and I can also continue being grounded and connected to nature. Running on the trail, surrounded by nature allows me to be connected to Mother Earth and when I am tired it will be the greenery and the view that will recharge my batteries (beside the gels)!

Beside this, it is also one of the sports which is totally fine to do while pregnant. Boxing would be harmful, but the waving movement of the running body is harmonious. If we think what happens to the embryo during this activity, the movement of a flying butterfly comes into mind. In fact, this ensures me that while it is good for me, it is also good for the baby. In addition, scientists proved that babies can hear while in the womb, therefore letting the baby hear the flow of the river, or waterfalls, the blow of the wind and the birds’ song is just the best natural music one can expose them to.

To conclude, Jenna and I will write about my personal achievements, difficulties or challenges, daily running routes, tell stories of other women who went through the same experience and still kept running with incredible results, in the hope that other trained women will not be scared to continue running while pregnant.


懷孕跑者手記: Running with a growing life (1)

(本地跑手 Eszter Csillag)

記得月前我翻譯本地精英跑手Eszter Csillag寫有關自己如何和解「跑者」與「母親」這兩衝突角色的文章嗎?我和 Eszter確立了一個寫作計劃,我將會為她翻譯她寫作為女性跑者的經驗的文章。事實上,我十分期待這個系列的內容,因為如題所示,Eszter懷孕了!她將會分享作為一個仍然跑在山路上的母親、孕婦所面對的各種事情。





我希望讀者注意,我在剛得悉懷孕初期並沒有輕舉妄動地去跑。我是一個受過多年訓練的跑者,換句話說,我的身體是受了足夠訓練讓我承受這種挑戰。當然,我也不得不對跑步訓練的內容和目標作出調整。今天,安全比速度為重。而且,我要確保自己不會跌倒(我一寫完這一句就「跌倒」了,是懷孕間的第一次 ),不會缺水。我也要接受無論跑不跑,未來數月也絕不容易。




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