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Running Trails in Nepal

With Rashila Tamang

Where to go running in Nepal? Which races are worth joining? We asked Rashila Tamang - one of the best Nepalese trail runners and here are her recommendations.

Rashila running the Mustang Trail Race

1) Can you introduce yourself and let us know how long you have been trail running and where you are based? I am Rashila Tamang, I am an ultra runner. I started running in 2015 but I have been seriously running since 2017. From 2015-2016 I did only four small races because I was based in my village at that time and also I was new in the field, so I did not know much about races.

In 2017 I went to Kathmandu to study and there, I started participating in many races and winning some of them too. I did Mustang Trail Race, Manaslu trail Race, Impact marathon, the KTM series (a small race held every month in Kathmandu), Annapurna 50km and more.

From 2017 to 2019 I won many races in Nepal such as Mustang Trail Race 170km, Original Everest Marathon 42km, Jiaozi mountain Crossing Competition 50km, Pokhara cross country 42km and other small races.

2) Are you a competitive runner joining races or do you just run for fun and pleasure? I love to take adventure so I do races for competition but during my race I always feel happy.

3) If we come to Nepal for a running holiday which region would you recommend to explore?

Annapurna and Everest. If you are there for a long time and like quiet areas, you should go to Dolpo and if it’s for a few days only, you should go to Helambu Gosaikunda.

4) If we come to Nepal for a race, which race would you recommend to sign up for and why?

My favorite race in Nepal is Annapurna 50km, Mustang Trail Race and Everest Marathon.

Annapurna 50km race takes place on the Mardi Himal trekking route. This race has two distances - 50km and100km. I did the 50km distance 3 times already. The trail of this race is very beautiful with mountains so close, that you can kiss them when you reach the top. You come down through beautiful forests and also this race is very well organized.

Rashila running the Annapurna Race

My second best race is Everest Marathon because it starts from 5300m and is known as the world’s highest marathon recorded in the Guinness Book of World records. During this race you trek up to reach the start line and then run back down, it is very cold but very beautiful.

Rashila running the Original Everest Race

The third race I recommend is Mustang Trail Race which I did twice already. It's a multi stage race. The location where it takes place is like heaven, therefore this is one of my favorite races.

Photos from Mustang Trail Race

5) How is the trail running community in Nepal? Are there many women running and joining races these days?

Nowadays both are increasing.

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