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THE POWER OF HYDRATION: Why is it important?

By Azleen AJ

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WATER is LIFE. We need water to eliminate toxic substances, produce digestive enzymes, maintain healthy skin, hair, and organs, and to help our body absorb essential vitamins, minerals and natural sugars. Our body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue and organ in our body needs water to operate at its optimum. For example, our body uses water to maintain and regulate its temperature, remove toxins, and lubricate the joints (these are key in all sports, including trail running!). In short, water is needed for overall good health.

THE POWER OF HYDRATION #1: Improve Physical and Sports Performance

Proper hydration can reduce fatigue, improve endurance, lower our maximum heart rate, and more. It can also help us to be less sore after exercise or any training session. Dehydration may cause a reduction in blood volume, decreased skin blood flow, decreased sweat rate, decreased heat dissipation, increased core temperature and increased rate of glycogen use. For an athlete, these could result in a potential compromise in their overall athletic performance.

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THE POWER OF HYDRATION #2: Help with Weight Loss

Studies show that people who are on a weight loss journey tend to lose more weight when they increase their water intake.

THE POWER OF HYDRATION #3: Help to Boost Mood

People who drink more water also tend to have better moods. One study found that when participants who regularly drink <1.2L of water/day increased their intake to 2.5L/day, experienced significantly less confusion, bewilderment, fatigue and sleepiness.

THE POWER OF HYDRATION #4: Boost Brainpower

When we drink more water, we potentially help to improve our brain cognitive skills performance (the way that our brain remembers, reasons, holds attention, thinks, reads, and learns). Some studies have shown that people that drink water during their cognitive tasks performed much better than those who did not.

THE POWER OF HYDRATION #5: Help to Protect/Aid Against Disease

Proper hydration may be a useful tool to help in preventing a variety of health conditions. Staying hydrated may protect you against kidney stones, constipation, urinary tract infections, just to name a few.

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