WOW - Women of the World

We are the Women of the World Team

We come from different countries.

We come from different backgrounds.

We come in different shapes and sizes.

We are so different and yet so similar.

We share a passion for running.

We feel happy when running on trails.

We love spending time in the nature.

We want to encourage and inspire more women to join us and run together.

This is who we are and we are proud to represent all women of the world!

Punch (Thailand)

1. How long have you been trail running?

I started 2 years ago.

2. What led you to trail running?

After signing up for many road running races, me and my father got bored of those city views. We decided to look for races in other provinces and then we found trail running!

3. Why are you running?

There are so many reasons why I run. First - I was dealing with a lot of stress, depression and anxiety since high school and all the way throughout university. It was too much to cope with so I wanted to do some activities that would lift my spirit up again.

Second - I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I always lived my life in the same routine and felt like a robot in the society. I wanted to do something that makes my heart beat like a human and trail running makes me feel this way. Third - it feels good to be surrounded by positive energy from people who I meet during the race. I can't find that feeling anywhere else.

4. Did trail running help you change your life for the better? If so, how?

It changed and shaped my life so much more than I expected. Trail running taught me a lot. Every race I signed up for taught me a new lesson. I learned to be patient, consistent and committed in everything I do and I know that I will achieve my goals someday. Both my mental health and physical health are getting better since I started running. Besides, my dad's health is also getting better. After he was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease he decided to change his lifestyle and now he is trail running and cycling with me every weekend.

5. What is your message to women who want to start but lack the confidence in themselves?

This is a message to all women and a note to myself too. Sometimes I feel that I lack the confidence if something seems too hard to achieve (that's what I thought when I signed up for the ATG challenge at first). My message is: Throw away all your negative thoughts and give yourself a chance to try. Do your best, forget about the failure or judgement from other people. Eventually, you will realize that you are more capable than you think.

Veronika (Slovakia)

1. How long have you been trail running?

I did one race end of 2017 but properly started in summer 2018.