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By Charlotte Drouin

Our ambition is to invite you to try out trail running. Why? Because we believe that running in the outdoors can empower you, like it empowered us!

We all know that the benefits of sport activities are numerous. Among other things, sport has been recognised across the world as a powerful tool for women to amplify their voices, break down gender barriers and fight discrimination. For girls, it is an amazing way to realise how strong they are. Not only physically, but also mentally. There is no doubt that it helps them building confidence and resilience.


We particularly believe in trail running because - when it comes to running mountains up and down for several hours - mental strength is far more important than physical abilities! It requires a lot of focus and determination. Before starting, the trail always seems very long and the mountain very high; but one hill after the other, you will gain confidence and eventually finish the run with a great feeling of accomplishment. Nothing makes me feel prouder of myself than completing a run that seemed impossible at first.

Believe us, trail running will help you to build many strengths, including:


- PREPARATION SKILLS. Getting well prepared for a trail run is crucial. Not only you should be physically trained, but you also need to plan ahead. You do not want to get lost, end up in the dark without a headlamp, or run out of water in the middle of nowhere. Planning is not easy, but it is part of the experience: researching the trail, estimating the time it would take, gearing up according to the terrain and weather conditions, carrying the right amount of water and food… There are many things to consider. You will learn through trial and error.


- FOCUS. Keeping your eyes on the trail sounds like a pretty obvious advice. But believe me, it is an important one: the one I actually always fail to follow (Big apologies to my poor knees!!!). The beautiful scenery and the fatigue will most likely reduce your level of attention after a while, so watch out for the sneaky tree roots and rocks. Spending hours in the mountains is definitely a great way to improve your mindfulness and your ability to stay focused.


- SELF AWARENESS. Trail running will also teach you a lot about yourself. Everyone has their own special skills. For instance, I have always been pretty good at going uphill, but I had to put more efforts into downhill training. For other runners, it is the opposite. And because going up or going down require different muscles and techniques, it is important to know your strengths, to use them effectively during the run and to train on your weaknesses. You will also get to know your limits, physical and mental. The more you run, the better you know how and when you can push the boundaries, without breaking them.

- PERSEVERANCE AND SELF-CONFIDENCE. Above all the individual strengths that trail running can help you develop, perseverance and self-confidence are probably the ones that will have the most positive impact on your personal life. Not everyone is able to challenge themselves in the mountains. Not because it is physically demanding, but because it requires willingness and perseverance. But you know what?! YOU'VE GOT THIS!


Here is a message from girls who used to believe they couldn't: TRY IT, REALISE YOU CAN DO IT, BE PROUD OF IT.

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