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Rashila Tamang


I am Rashila Tamang, winner of the 2019 Original Everest Marathon, Mustang Trail Race (170km) and Jiaozi Mountain Crossing Competition (50km) in China.


I started running in 2015. I have not participated in any running races until the International Women’s Day 5K fun run in 2016. I first thought that event was some sort of a women's protest because I have not seen any running events before. I stood among 400 other women and all of a sudden they started running. So I started running as well and I came second, right behind Mira Rai. Since then I never stopped running. I have now become an internationally acclaimed athlete in the field of Ultra-race. 


Before I started my running journey I used to think that I cannot do anything. I was really depressed and even tried to commit suicide once during those dark days of my life. Running definitely changed my life for the better. I still see so many young girls who think the same way I used to think before. My mission is to bring change into their life through sports, same way as I brought change into mine. 

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