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Sakuna Usanawasin


My name is Sakuna, my nickname is Nok. I live in Thailand, Chonburi Province, near Bangkok. I work full time as a doctor in a government hospital and I also work as a volunteer doctor in remote mountain areas of Thailand which requires walking up steep mountains to treat patients living there. 


I like to spend time in the nature, I like adventures and I enjoy endurance challenges. I love beautiful scenery and I love exploring cold places with snow that I don't get to see in my country. I do everything from triathlon (I finished full Ironman three times), skiing, long distance cycling, trekking, ultra road and trail running to paddling.


Trail running is my favorite kind of lifestyle. I started in 2011 when trail running as a sport just emerged in Thailand. I’m not competitive, I just run for fun, but sometimes I put more effort into my performance and manage to get a trophy. I like to choose the longest race distances so I can push my limits and break records as a Thai female runner in my country and abroad.


Some of my achievements include running a 200 mile road running race in Singapore, Translantau 100km in Hong Kong and Tsaigu Trail 110km in China. I’m the first Thai woman to finish a 100 mile distance in 2016.  In 2017 I joined the UTMB race, 170km long with 10,000m+ elevation, but unfortunately I wasn't able to finish because of rainy, snowy and cold weather that made my glasses completely foggy and prevented me from seeing the route. I am also proud to be the first Thai person that finished an Everesting challenge within 48 hours in 2018. In 2019 I ran the most incredible race, Tor des Geants in Italy which is 330km long with an elevation gain of 24,000m+. I truly loved this race and I will go back again as soon as possible as I could not complete the race due to an injury after 200km. 


Trail running makes me happy and creates great memories every time I run in new or familiar places. I will continue to run, challenge myself and push my limits. Putting effort into what we do makes us successful. No matter how difficult it is. but most importantly - don't forget to always do things with love and to enjoy what you do.

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