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Cardeux Nel

1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do professionally?

Most people call me Cards. I am an avid runner and field hockey player. I am from South Africa. I am a physiotherapist and managing partner at Hong Kong Sports Clinic.

2) Who are your clients and how do you help them?

My clients are a mix of athletes and people suffering from neck and back pain. I take a holistic approach to treating all my patients. Relieving pain with myofascial release, trigger point therapy and dry needling is important for reaching short term goals but it is important to get my patients on a rehabilitation plan to ensure their problem won’t return. Strength, conditioning, mobility and sports specific exercises are fundamental to increase performance and prevent recurring injuries.


3) What are the key topics you will be covering at the ATG Workshop?

-Women’s health: menstrual cycles and how hormones affect our performance, strength, flexibility and vulnerability for certain injuries

-Pre/post natal: running

-Strength for runners

-Common running injuries

4) What are you hoping for women to take away from your session?

Educating my patients is something that is very important in all my sessions with clients. When women understand their body its easier for them to look after it. I hope that the women who attend will pay close attention to the unique biochemistry of a woman and how we can use it to boost multiple aspects of our daily lives. I’d also like to educate everyone on simple ways to avoid running injuries and boost performance.

5) Apart from your own presentation which other sessions are you most excited about?

Breathing! I have been wanting to dive into breathing for a few months now and this is the perfect time to do so.


6) If you could give one piece of advice to women who enjoy running what would it be?

The longevity of ones running career is evident in what they do when they’re not wearing their running shoes!

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