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Emma Warner

1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do professionally?

I work as a Women's Health Specialist Trainer at Joint Dynamics, and I am also a medical doctor in the UK (Not HK yet!) with a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine.

2) Who are your clients and how do you help them?

I work in tandem with our Women's Health Physiotherapy team with Women of all ages from a variety of backgrounds doing rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. My clients can be looking to get, or keep, active in pregnancy, female athletes looking to get back to their sport post-natally, or older women looking to keep their bones strong throughout menopause as a few examples! 

3) What are the key topics you will be covering at the ATG Workshop?

How to train in harmony with your hormones - how tracking and being aware of your menstrual cycle can help you get the most from your training. I will cover how to track this, what happens to our hormones monthly, how this might affect your training and also some things your period might be trying to tell you!! I will also cover some alternative period care methods that I have found really beneficial for athletes such as menstrual cups.


4) What are you hoping for women to take away from your session?

It's so important we know our bodies well and our periods can be a really big indicator of how well our current training regimen and diet is working for us! ... And also your period shouldn't stop you from doing anything!!

5) Apart from your own presentation which other sessions are you most excited about?

I'm really interested to hear more from "unlocking your breathing potential" - we focus a lot on breathing in pre- and post-natal training so I'm really interested to hear how you can breathe better to optimise running performance!

6) If you could give one piece of advice to women who enjoy running what would it be?

Running can be amazingly empowering and great for mental health, and for many it's a huge part of managing stress - but don't underestimate your need for recovery! 

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